Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Still on refactoring.

The last few days have been very interesting. I found that in order to improve functionality I was in a huge need to get a JInternalFrame compoment with modal capabilities. I found some very nice tips on how to solve this issue at:


I spent most of the Saturday adapting this tip to the current JInternalFrame renderer, once I got it working I started cleaning up all the code that was not required anymore in Overactive Logistics due to this change and was almost done last night.

Since I'm currently focused on the refactoring of the Overactive Renderer I thought it was a good moment to work on porting the current DTD to XSD, before start typing I was lucky enough to find a very nice tool called Oxygen I downloaded it and gave it a try and a few minutes after there it was! The whole DTD ported into an XSD! This really saved me a lot of time and I'll be able to start focusing on the last part of the refactoring which is making the Overactive Renderer elements namespace qualified.

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