Sunday, December 04, 2005

Major Overactive Logistics Refactoring.

During the analysis for the shipments module I found that the domain model requires changes that can't be implemented in a clean way without the extensive use of object inheritance and object reusability based on interface implementation. The EJB 2.1 specification states that inheritance is not supported in entity beans. Due the complexity of the current requirements plus the need for greater flexibility during object modeling I have decided to port the domain model to POJOs using Hibernate and port the Session Beans to normal Facade classes.

This will extend my current scope for the release of the first beta version of Overactive Logistics, however it will reduce dramatically the complexity of the system architecture resulting in shorter development cycles as a reward.


Nagzu said...

Hi.. great to c ur updates. Can i know whether this is a commercial venture. We are also building a ground cargo handling software. We can lookout for some collaboration activity.


Overactive said...

Yes. I have plans to make this a commercial venture.


Nagzu said...

thats good news.. probably, we can move on our discussion among our mailIds.. what say? you can contact me at