Saturday, February 25, 2006


I started working on the analysis and design to implement shipments. This will make use of all the details entered in each of the maintenance modules (customer, carrier, agent, scac, etc, etc...).
Carriers, customers and agents will require a little refactoring which is now possible to achieve with the EJB 3.0 porting. So far everything is looking good.

If nothing gets on my way I'm planning to clear my pending certifications next week. Once done I'll be able to come back on track and full speed to the project.


bijou10 said...

Im looking for a software I canuse for track where is some shipmenet or cargo if deliver or not yet or where isnthe truck *this is for trusch freight company.
So iwonderI can use your software

Overactive said...

Hello Bijou10.

The current release of Overactive Logistics does not implement Shipments yet, this will be implemented in the next release around mid April. Until then you can give it a try and see if the system fulfills your needs.