Sunday, April 23, 2006

Got vendors maintenance module!

For the last few months Overactive Logistcs went through a heavy refactoring first to support EJB3.0 in order to make effective use of inheritance and second to implement an improved mechanism for gui component reuse and event handling plus a better way to reference parent window callers.

The refactoring is completely done! and Overactive Logistics is now back on track.
One of the latest additions is the implementation of the vendors maintenance module, here are some screenshoots.

Here we have opened the vendors module and have pressed the search button.
The vendors list window shows the vendors that have been created.

After selecting the vendor it is displayed in the module.

This module and other refactorings that have been made to the company maintenance will support the creation of shipments.

A new version Overactive Logistics Pre Alpha 1.1 will be released this week.

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