Friday, April 07, 2006

The Overactive Manifiesto.

First of all this is not a will-be-dead project, meaning that it is not one of the thousands of projects that are started by a group of highly motivated individuals only to be abandoned somewhere in SourceForge a couple of months later.

Certainly the development of Overactive Logistics has been at small pace but this is mainly because I'm the only developer, I do not have any sort of funding and all my work is done during my spare time. Like many Open Source software enthusiasts I have a day job as a Software Developer plus wife and kids.

The Overactive Logistics solution is being developed on top of two frameworks Overactive Core which I built after finding Struts way to robust to fit my needs and Overactive Renderer which is my way to provide a solution for adding rich client capabilities to web based applications.

The development of these two frameworks took me nearly 2 years before I decided to embark on the trek to develop Overactive Logistics.

So why Overactive Logistics?

Most Open Source software efforts nowadays are focused on the creation of programming languages, development environments, frameworks, application servers and operating systems. In comparison enterprise business software solutions like Compiere and SugarCRM are not as many.

Overactive Logistics is an effort to create a robust enterprise Open Source solution for the cargo transportation industry that fits in that category and that freight forwarders can use to manage their logistic operations.

The way I'm heading is that eventually when Overactive Logistics gets mature enough and the right moment arrives, I'll be looking to create an start-up that provides support, training and software implementation services around the product. This company will use only the Open Source business model and will focus initially on Overactive Logistics with later plans to develop more solutions.

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